Météo-France Sports offers the real cutting-edge expertise of specialized forecasters on your event site.


  • Our experts are on site and fully dedicated to your event.


  • We install specific observation means (radar, observation station) on site to ensure the most detailed monitoring possible of the weather situation at the location of your sporting event.


  • Our productions are broadcast online on our secure extranets and apps and relayed by warnings / notifications.


  • Our forecasters are available in real time to help you make important decisions, for both tactical and security needs.
  • Specific Observation Means 
  • The Météo-France Sports Team
  • We set up specific means of observation:Radar de précipitations



    • a transportable precipitation radar specifically developed by Météo-France Sports


    • Light-weight automatic stations to measure: wind (direction and speed), rain, temperature and humidity (+ track temperature sensor) Station automatique


    • our very high resolution weather model Arome with its accuracy at 1.3 km for the finest forecasts on your site.
    • Experience as a forecaster Equipe Météo-France Sports


    • Knowledge of the functioning of sports competitions and events


    • Adaptability


    • Commitment