Storm cells are identified thanks to measurements from meteorological radars. In addition, data from the Météo-France observation network and the lightning detection network operated by Météorage (a subsidiary of Météo-France), make it possible to describe the characteristics of each storm cell.


All this information is collected and processed in real time. It makes it possible to calculate the trajectory and speed of the storm cells observed and to predict their movements.


This one hour forecast is updated every 5 minutes.


NB: Complete documentation is provided when obtaining this product.


  • Additional features 
  • Detailed specifications
  • Cartography
  • A Immediate forecast and depending on the chosen subscription, if the risk of a thunderstorm is confirmed in your area of interest for the hour to come:


    • You are notified by email and / or SMS when the storm approaches. Thunderstorm risk extension and ineligibility are also monitored by email and / or SMS.


    • You can follow the evolution of the risk of thunderstorms in real time in cartographic form through an extranet configured as closely as possible to your needs.
  • Depending on your subscription, you will be notified by email and / or SMS when the storm approaches.


    In addition:


    • The extension and end of the thunderstorm risk alert are also monitored by email and / or SMS.


    • It is possible to be notified 24 hours a day or only during a time slot that you define.


    • You can choose to be warned for any risk of thunderstorms or only for the risk of severe thunderstorms. For the subscription to « any risk of thunderstorm », the possible approval to "violent thunderstorm" is also followed up by email and / or SMS.
    • The cartography offers real-time monitoring with animation at 5-minute intervals which connects the 2 hours of observation preceding the consultation hour to 1 hour of forecast.


    • A player also allows observations to be replayed over a period defined by the user. The archive depth is 5 days.


    • Then, it is possible to switch to the "forecast" function (see last button in the image above).