Offshore Wind - Very specific needs
Size infrastructures, plan interventions, analyze wind potential...
From site evaluations to construction of the wind farm and finally its day-to-day management, having the best metocean parameters allows to make the right decisions throughout the life of the wind farm.

  • Site evaluations:

For the sizing and certification of your Offshore wind turbines projects (resistance and power).

  • Operations Assistants:

For the planning, organizing and monitoring your on-site operations.

  • Presentation Video
  • Site survey
  • Operations assistance
  • In any Offshore wind farm installation projects, prior surveys are required to determine as best as possible the wind power potential and the different metocean risks of the future site. Météo-France relies on its great computing power, its high resolution atmospheric models and its design offices to provide diverse risk analyses.

    Sea Wind Rose
    Sea Wind Rose
    • The ten-year wind and wave risk
    • The extreme risk from wind and waves
    • Effects from the atmospheric turbulence
    • Risk assessment associated with other meteorological phenomena
    • Analysis of the wind potential during extreme cold


  • OceanogramMétéo-France provides you with all its experience and expertise in terms of assistance at sea, with a dedicated and expert team. Specialist offshore engineers and forecasters from Météo-France deliver a reliable meteorological service via 24/7 assistance.
    The commitment of the teams able to respond to all the operational care critical at sea, all over the world, in order to take the right decisions at the right time.

    • Planning, organising and monitoring your operations :

          - Daily site-specific forecasts : Tab and Graph - Oceanogram
          - Marine Probability Forceacts (wind speed, significant wave height)

    Probabilistic product

    • Access to the best metocean forecasting models
    Wave model
    Wave forecast model