EXTRANET: Weather web portal

Météo-France has developed a platform to generate personalized websites for its professional customers. Almost 1,200 extranets coexist on this platform. Each site is adjusted to meet the challenges of each of our customers.

Several sectors of activity are based on our solution : aeronautics, insurance, agriculture, regional authorities, departmental councils, road network managers, energy companies, hydrologists, industrialists, marine, media, etc.


This service helps you on a daily basis, according to your sensitivity thresholds, to:


  • anticipate risky weather episodes (snow, ice, heavy rain, strong winds, etc.)
  • plan the interventions of your teams for various themes (maintenance work, energy management, events, winter viability, etc.)
  • inform your teams or your corporate network.


We can therefore offer you solutions for monitoring meteorological events:


  • in real time to determine the best operating strategy, to secure property and people.
  • in medium term to adjust your system, strengthen and lighten teams.
  • in long term to better plan your activities, working hours or on-call duty.
  • Characteristics
  • Benefits
    • SecuritySécurité


    Access to your extranet is limited to authorized users only through the secure HTTPS protocol with a unique identifier and access code.


    • AvailabilityDisponibilité


    The availability rate of extranets is provided by an independent company specialized in quality of service measurement. This rate is an integral part of the quality policy of Météo-France's Sales Department. Availability rate> 99.9%


    • PersonalizationPersonnalisation


    Our services are customizable to be adapted to your uses (points of interest on a map, preferential zooming on an area of interest, network layout, specific bulletins, custom-made warnings, etc.)


    • Permanent updateAcutalisation


    Our products are constantly updated to always provide you with the latest information available.



    • MobilityMobilité


    Your extranet can be accessed through a traditional internet connection, from a computer. But its design also adapts to mobility on a tablet or smart-phone (Android type, i-phone, etc.). The consultation of our Extranets can be carried out both from your various sites and from the homes of on-call agents.


    • Supervision                                                                                                                                   Supervision


    The platform that hosts your extranet benefits from 24-hour monitoring, from the hardware, to the application and network levels. In the event of a problem, the services can be restarted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year depending on the operating instructions.

  • The extranet universe offers adapted services for all sectors of activity around :


    • classic fields (a choice of radars, satellite images, lighning, etc) with different tools,
    • model fields with possibilities of vertical sections, spatio-temporal sections and vertical profiles,
    • alert bulletins, maps and monitoring tables,
    • observation, forecast and climatology data,
    • etc.


    exemple route