On your extranet, benefit from a cartography with many tools: selection of base map, gauge, legend, tools (variables according to the chosen subscription).



  • A user manual is provided.


  • The menu has terminals that allow you to choose an animation time period. You will be able to visualize the forecast of the winds in your area of interest.


  • You choose your model: AROME (extended France domain), ARPEGE (European domain)...


  • You can superimpose: atmograms, temporal sections, vertical profiles or spatial sections.


  • Additional features
  • General features
    • Using the gauge, you will have the precise values of:


    - The strength of the mean wind and gusts expressed in m / s, kt and km / h.


    - The direction of the mean wind and gusts expressed in degrees.



    • Management of the animation period:






    • A legend completes the cartography:


    Légende vent




















  • On your extranet, visualize your map with parameters. Follow a precise point, with the atmogram.

    Champ de vent