OIL AND GAS : Metocean

Optimize each stage of the offshore life cycle: exploration, planning, construction, production ... with our specialized offshore forecasts and services.

Offshore forecasts :

  • Daily site-specific forecasts : Tab and Graph - Oceanogram
  • Marine Probability Forceacts (wind speed, significant wave height)
  • Telephone Briefings

Alarm service - lightning warning :
Warn a site of the arrival and departure of a storm by phone, fax, e-mail... -> apply the procedures established in order to safeguard people and maintain the site in operational condition during the storm. 


  • Producing a forecast
  • Oceanogram
  • Probability forecast
  • Continuous 24hours/7days watch & production for marine sector worldwide in the Maritime weather Centre in Brest.

    ForecastUsing all the appropriate information :

    • model outputs,
    • satellite imageries & data,
    • in situ observations,
    • radar information,
    • messages & forecasts issued by other national Met Services,
    • for the convective clouds forecast, forecasters use  new tools:
      the Rapid Developing Thunderstorm (RDT) and the GLD360 from METEORAGE.
  • OceanogramMétéo-France forecasts various atmospheric and oceanographic parameters over your work area. Tables and Graphs are disseminated once or twice a day according to your requirements

    • Forecast Summary :

          - General synoptic situation and outlook to T+ 98 hours
          - Warnings of gales and other severe conditions
          - Warnings of operability threshold exceedance
          - Thunderstorms/lightning risk
          - Squalls warning

    • Tabular and graphical presentation :

          - Wind (direction, speed and gust at 10m and 50m)
          - Wave height (Significant and Maximum)
          - Mean wave period (Tz)
          - Swell direction, height, period
          - Wind sea height, sea period, direction
          - Secondary swell height, period, direction
          - Weather
          - Air temperature
          - Sea temperature
          - Visibility
          - Cloud cover and cloud base height

  • Probability forecastForecast to the next 240h or 336h  :

    •  Wind speed
    •  Significant wave height